March 7, 2012

Black Eyed Kids

Black Eyed Kids
Imagine doing whatever it is you do late at night, just before getting ready for bed, when suddenly you hear a knock at the front door. Wary and wondering who it could be at such an hour, you crack the door open and look outside.

What you see is two or three kids, likely boys, in their early teens or slightly younger – it’s difficult to tell for sure. Their appearances are perfectly nondescript and unremarkable in every way. However, looking at them, you immediately feel that there is something wrong about them, something inhuman that you can’t quite put your finger on.

One of the kids asks very politely to be let in, maybe to use the bathroom, or the phone, or to have a glass of water. You can’t help but notice that the way he talks seems much too mature and confident for a kid that age. Despite your hesitation, you feel a strange urge to do as the boy tells you. Noticing your increasing apprehension, he becomes more and more insistent, all but demanding to be let in.

Then you get a look at his eyes. They are pitch black, no sign of irises or pupils. As soon as you realize this, a wave of paralyzing terror hits you. Your instincts are screaming you are about to die. You manage to compose yourself enough to slam the door shut, but the fear and panic stay with you for hours afterwards.

If you’ve experienced something like this, you may have encountered a phenomenon known as Black Eyed Kids.

The first report of Black Eyed Kids (or BEKs for short) seems to have been posted on an online newsgroup on January 16, 1998 by a man named Brian Bethel (read the original story). Since then similar accounts have shown up on message boards, newsgroups and the like, telling of kids with black eyes asking to be let into houses, cars, even tents. These stories share the same characteristics: the kids’ insistence and need to be allowed inside, and the fear their presence evokes. See here for more accounts.

What do they want? No one knows. There are no reports on what happens if you let them in. However, I think it is safe to say it’s nothing good.

What are the Black Eyed Kids? Again, who knows. No one has stuck around long enough to learn of their origins. Anything from vampires to demons and aliens has been suggested. It could very well all be a hoax, a chilling tale that inspired countless others to try their own hand at horror writing. The accounts certainly appear to have elements typical to urban legends. Nevertheless, if I hear knocking at my door at 11 p.m. tonight, I won’t be answering.

Oh, one more thing. Some reports indicate that BEKs may be more likely to target people who have been made aware of them. So should you find a pair of kids with coal back eyes at your doorstep tonight, do be so kind as to try and keep your body and soul intact long enough to let us know!

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